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QR Codes and Mobile Casinos

  • QR Codes

    A QR code is a type of barcode, used to encode links. They are the most efficient and direct way to link a mobile device to the mobile casinos from a desktop site such as this one.

    A QR code is a two dimensional barcode, used for encoding, and spreading information. A QR code works much the same as a traditional barcode such as you will find on your groceries, except that a QR code can contain more information than a normal barcode. It is for this reason that QR codes are often used to encode URLs, or internet addresses.

    This is what we use QR codes for. Because we cannot send you directly to the mobile casino from this desktop website, we use QR codes to quickly tell your phone exactly where to go to claim the bonus from the mobile casino that you have chosen to play at.

    A QR code is read by an application on your phone, and the QR codes on this website do not themselves install any software on your phone. A QR code simply encodes a text URL in a visual way, much the same as the letters do in a normal URL, and tells your phone where to go.

    QR codes can be read on some phones by their native software, other models of phones or tablets may require a third party app to be installed in order to read the QR code. If this is the case, simply go to your appstore, and download a QR reader of your choice. Most are free, and the app is tiny.

    Please note that if you would prefer not to use QR codes to quickly access the casino content and claim your bonuses through this site, we have provided direct links to both the desktop and mobile versions of all the casinos on this site. Please note that many of the desktop versions of the casinos will not work when accessed from a desktop computer.